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Yiff.party (YP for short) was a type of piracy website focused on leaking content from paywall membership websites such as Patreon, Fantia, Fanbox, SubscribeStar and PrimeLeap to display on a public domain for anyone to view for free, by simply using their content scrapper tool by inserting session token to import posts from the creators to their public website which was located at yiff.party domain, tool works only when you are currently pledging to the creators. Almost any content creator on Patreon was able to be found there up until all non furry creators were removed. Website was active from 2015 and had shut down due to owners lack of interest in late 2020. It is rumored that the owner, had kept the donations to maintains the site for themselves, but at this time it is unproven.

Most often people found this website to be illegal and constantly complain on the anonymous bulletin board asking their content to be removed from servers, which in result they got bad replies such as harassment with toxic behaviour and absolute disrespect to the content creators. 


Unlike yiff.party, kemono.party is the alternative site which works almost the same way as yiff.party did.

In the beginning of 2021, a group of volunteers develops a site named "Memory Hole" which will serve as a replacement to former main piracy website of furry creators. It is said to be coming out this year.

ofans.party is another alternative launched in late of 2020, it serves variety of non-furry creator's posts from Onlyfans website.

Yiff-party is another alternative to leak patreon for furry community.


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